HDMI & Audio

Video Resolution

Sometimes you may find that the Raspberry Pi does not use the correct video resolution for your monitor. You can set it correctly.

“CEA” corresponds to hdmi_group=1
“DMT” corresponds to hdmi_group=2
The value inside () corresponds to hdmi_mode.

From the above result:

The file /boot/config.txt has these lines:

As in the case above use sudo nano /boot/config.txt and modify them as required. Don’t forget to remove the # from the lines.



No Audio via HDMI

If you find that there is no audio output via HDMI then:

Omxplayer Errors

Set the GPU Memory size to 256MB

This is very important. Omxplayer will at times error if you do not do this,

Alternately, use the Raspbian menu preferences>raspberry pi configuration>performance, increase the GPU Memory to 256.