Setup SD/SSD Booting

Now that you have your Pi booting from SD it is time to convert it to use the SSD (Solid State Drive)

There are other methods to boot but after experimentation I have found this method to be the most reliable. Boot will be handled by the SD card and the OS will be loaded from the SSD. The root folder will be copied from the SD card to the SSD.

This guide assumes that you are using a new SSD i.e. no partitions yet. If it already has partitions then you will need to remove them or use existing. This however will not be covered here. Partition management can be done from the Pi using parted. Google for more.

Open a Terminal and do the following (Type or Copy and Paste):

If all has gone well, the Pi should reboot after a few seconds.

After reboot set for reliable drive order. Go here.

Now we can Prepare for & Install PiPresents.