Prepare for & Install PiPresents

This page is really a condensation of the installation page, found here. There is a difference that will be mentioned later.

Set the GPU Memory size to 256MB

This is very important. Omxplayer will at times error if you do not do this,

Alternately, use the Raspbian menu preferences>raspberry pi configuration>performance, increase the GPU Memory to 256.

There is some essential software required before you can install PiPresents.

Download and install pexpect

Download Pi Presents

Pi Presents MUST use Raspbian and be run from the PIXEL desktop (startx).

There should now be a directory ‘KenT2-pipresents-gapless-xxxx’ in your home directory. Rename the directory to pipresents. e.g. ‘sudo mv KenT2-pipresents-gapless-xxxx pipresents’.

Run Pi Presents to check the installation is successful.

You will see an error message which is because you have no profiles. Exit Pi Presents using CTRL-BREAK or close the window.

Download and try an Example Profile

Here now is the variation from Ken’s instructions:
There should now be a directory ‘KenT2-pipresents-gapless-examples-xxxx’ in your home directory. Open ‘KenT2-pipresents-gapless-examples-xxxx/pp_home’ and move the contents of  ‘pp_home’ to the directory ‘/home/pi/pp_home’. ‘pp_home’ should already exist in your home directory from SSD setup.

Run a Demo Multimedia Show.

Now read the manual to try other examples.

Next step is to assemble the content for a show.